10th November 2016

#Launchpad – Meet The Grads

By Nicky Bradley, Marketing Director

Nicky Bradley

Marketing Director

it's such an exciting and fascinating industry to work in, and an opportunity I feel hugely privileged to have.

Maxus welcomes the seven newest graduates onto the Launchpad scheme. This week we hear from Lajor, Sam and Coralie.

Lajor Cole-Etti

Yo, I’m Lajor (Lah-Jor). I studied Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University ‘ The world of advertising (and the lifestyle) has always appealed to me as I got the opportunity to do a placement year at Lenovo Technology in Digital Marketing. Currently I have the fine privilege of working with Sam within the Display (Radio/Print/Digital) in Team Connect (BT/EE). The most interesting thing I’ve found is how fast-paced & reactive the industry is, how different every week is and all the seriously fun things we get do at work (or after it). I’ve also discovered there’d probably be some serious money in a Media Acronym Glossary as they seem to multiply in number day after day!


Sam Williams

I’m Sam and I’m delighted to be on the LaunchPad Graduate Rotation Scheme. I graduated from the University of Brighton in Sport Management, after briefly playing College Football in California. I’m currently working in Display on the BT account within Team Connect. The thing I have found the most interesting so far is learning about all the processes that go into placing an advert in various platforms across display. What I’ve been most surprised about is the huge amount of media owners there are, and how many options there are for the advertiser on where they want the advert to be seen. There’s so many components to the job from the planning and negotiation phase to the management and analysis of a campaign. What’s so interesting about my day is that everyone is so different, which keeps you on your toes!


Coralie Steadman

Hey, I’m Coralie. I grew up in Norfolk and studied AS Levels at college and then went on to complete a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Acting. I worked as a trainee manager at McDonald’s and was also on the recruitment team for the franchise. My first rotation has been change planning and it’s been brilliant as it’s helped me gain a really broad understanding of the process and what part each team plays. Until now I’ve only known media from a consumer’s perspective and I really had no grasp of how much went on behind the scenes before it reaches consumer eyes ‘ it’s such an exciting and fascinating industry to work in, and an opportunity I feel hugely privileged to have. I’m thoroughly excited for what the next 9 months has in store.